Hey, I'm Jennifer

I help students & young adults transition into life after school




My name is Jennifer and I'm the creator of The Adulting Academy, a platform designed to empower
students during their post-grad experiences. I started the
organization to be a resource for students I wish I had while in school to make "adulting" a little easier and #leveltheplayingfield.

Through The Adulting Academy I've provided thousands of young adults with relatable content via online resources and in-person workshops teaching financial literacy and personal development.





When I first entered the adult world, I felt the same way that so many recent grads feel about adulthood, confused, unprepared, lost and looking for answers. Thus The Adulting Academy was born!

The Adulting Academy is a collection of lessons designed to help prepare young adults transition into life after school. The mission of the organization is to give young people the tools necessary to navigate life after they graduate. We aim to teach valuable life skills that are usually not explicitly taught in the classroom. Some of the topics covered include finance, career, health, and personal development.

The Adulting Academy is designed to be the ‘course’ students wish they had in school.



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